WebSphere Application Server & Liberty Operator Webinar Managing Liberty Applications on Kubernetes

Check out this WebSphere Application Server & Liberty Operator webinar from the WebSphere, Liberty & DevOps Community …

The WebSphere Liberty Operator allows you to deploy and manage containerized Liberty applications securely and easily on Red Hat OpenShift as well as other Kubernetes-based platforms in a consistent way. You can also perform Day-2 operations such as gathering traces and memory dumps easily using the operator.

This new operator is based on the existing Open Liberty Operator, but includes new capabilities such as integration with IBM License Service to automatically track the usage of WebSphere licenses. It also enables many secure capabilities out-of-the-box such as end-to-end encrypted communication from external source all the way to application (pod), controls network communication and runs applications with restricted security context constraints. The operator also allows the necessary configurations to change or modify the default behaviour to fit the needs of many different enterprise applications. It also integrates with Prometheus to monitor your applications, Knative for serverless and implements the Service Binding Specification to connect applications and services together. […]


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