MQ Certificate Management

Middleware & Integration Admins need complete visibility and control over their SSL environments to preempt security breaches, outages & compliance issues.

Managing your MQ Certificates can sometimes feel like a full time job involving a thorough knowledge of ikeyman & commands like strmgikm. Not to mention complications with things like creating & updating KDB key repository files.

Don’t stress, Infrared360® offers automated MQ SSL Certificate Renewal and Management as part of its complete Portal Offering.

Infrared360 manages CA & Self-Signed Certs

  • Create Key Stores for MQ
  • Create/Install Self Signed Certificates
  • Request/Track new CA Signed Certificates
  • One Click to apply renewed self-signed certificates
  • Certificate expiry reports make it easy
  • Schedule & manage replacing certificates
  • Push and apply public certs to a group of Queue managers
  • Push CA signer packages to a group of Queue managers