Infrared360® is a lightweight but powerful Application Server Monitor and Management Solution – One interface for your entire Enterprise Middleware Environment: Role based Administration, Monitoring, Dashboards, User Auditing, Synthetic Messaging, and more.

Stay ahead of server performance issues and outages with proactive application server monitoring and management. Monitor your application server infrastructure and get in-depth real-time visibility and historic analytics into key performance indicators of your application servers.

Agentless WebSphere Application Server Monitor: Nothing to Deploy to Managed Servers!

Get end-to-end observability of IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) as well as the applications deployed on it. Monitor overall availability, health and performance. Optimize resource allocation by measuring CPU/memory usage, JVM usage and response time. Track performance of applications using critical metrics such as Live Sessions, Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), JDBC connection pools and automate self-healing responses for full optimization.

Agentless JBoss Application Server Monitor: Nothing to Deploy to Managed Servers!

Get real-time and historical analytics on critical health indicators on your JBoss application servers and your applications’ transactions from end-to-end. Easily and securely monitor JBoss service response time, packet loss, and latency, web app. performance, and every JBoss component  (JVM, EJBs, JDBC, and servlets). Solve memory leaks in JRE, troubleshoot and resolve performance issues, and monitor server health and capacity.