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Infrared360® is a lightweight but powerful Application Server Monitor and Management Solution – One interface for your entire Enterprise Middleware Environment: Role based Administration, Monitoring, Dashboards, User Auditing, Synthetic Messaging, and more.

Stay ahead of server performance issues and outages with proactive application server monitoring and management. Monitor your application server infrastructure and get in-depth real-time visibility and historic analytics into key performance indicators of your application servers.

Agentless WebSphere Application Server Monitor: Nothing to Deploy to Managed Servers!

Get end-to-end observability of IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) as well as the applications deployed on it. Monitor overall availability, health and performance. Optimize resource allocation by measuring CPU/memory usage, JVM usage and response time. Track performance of applications using critical metrics such as Live Sessions, Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), JDBC connection pools and automate self-healing responses for full optimization.

Agentless JBoss Application Server Monitor: Nothing to Deploy to Managed Servers!

Get real-time and historical analytics on critical health indicators on your JBoss application servers and your applications’ transactions from end-to-end. Easily and securely monitor JBoss service response time, packet loss, and latency, web app. performance, and every JBoss component  (JVM, EJBs, JDBC, and servlets). Solve memory leaks in JRE, troubleshoot and resolve performance issues, and monitor server health and capacity.

Tomcat Application Server Monitoring & Administration

Agentless Tomcat Application Server Monitoring. Nothing to Deploy to Managed Servers!

Infrared360® is the most secure way to collect, visualize, and alert on real-time AND historic Tomcat metrics for workloads, requests, client connections, target services, host health, and application performance and more

The Infrared360® Advantages and Features

1. Mitigate downtime with Proactive App Server Management

Infrared360® allows you to automate notification to team members of impending problems in any monitored Application Server (JBoss, WebSphere, Apache-Tomcat) environment – as well as Web Services (REST/SOAP), Kafka, IBM-MQ, Tibco-EMS,  and IBM Datapower.

2. Save Time & Headaches with Native Integrations & Automation

Integration to other Services in your environment can be initiated in response to alerts.  Whether simple notifications to 3rd party systems OR kicking off other processes via URL, SOAP, REST, Pub/Sub, even .SH, save your self time and headaches. Easily propagate notifications to any 3rd Party system such as Service Now, Splunk, Openview, Jira, or Remedy to leverage existing escalation and ticketing systems.

3. Speed Time to Resolution. Associate Alerts to Lines of Business

Associate alerts to specific lines of business (add rule for time and or geography) so people in each line of business are notified only for their issues.

4. Save Time. No Provisioning. No Deployments

Every thing about Infrared360 is designed to save you time and resources. It’s 100% agentless. There are no agents, clients, or scripts to deploy or upgrade for monitoring OR for administration. No other solution offers that. Tired of provisioning users? Our Trusted Spaces not only creates secure access and visibility, but eliminates the time and tediousness of provisioning users.

5. Maintain Compliance with Trusted Spaces™

Securely leverage 100’s of users for your middleware environment (with no per-user fees) – let them do what they do well, in a secure “trusted space”™ that limits visibility and access to only those objects that each user is supposed to see or access.

6. Facilitate Continuous Integration and Automated Deployment with Monitoring in Non-Prod Environments

Are you omitting app and infrastructure monitoring in your non Prod environments?  If you are, you’re preserving the vestige of the phased approach to continuous integration and automated deployment. Infrared360 give you non-prod monitoring and administration at no additional cost, so you can fully test and understand how your applications and servers will perform in every production situation.

7. Eliminate Helpdesk and Support logjams. Leverage Self Service & Delegated Administration

With Infrared360’s Delegated administration capability you can allow the business units to make their own configuration changes per preauthorized, delegated permissions. Leverage your existing resources. Eliminate reliance on the few. Delegate by geography, business unit, authority, or anything else and any combination thereof.

8. Optimize Performance with True Real-Time Analytics™ and Historical Data Visualization

Other solutions write to logs and then reactively monitor and fire alerts based off of averages in that data. This can create long lags before you’re notified about an incident. Not ideal for proactive management or reducing time to resolution. Infrared360 provides True Real-Time monitoring with insightful analytics tools. Plus, you get powerful drag-and-drop visualizations for your historic data too.

9. Work Smarter. Monitor All Your Application Servers from One Interface

Infrared360 Application Server Monitor lets you monitor many instances of the apps running on any platform/OS across 100’s of servers using monitor templates (All GUI). Monitor all your WAS, JBoss, and Tomcat servers from one interface, or use Trusted Spaces™ to delegate management by application server type.

Infrared360® is 100%

  • J2EE Compliant
  • IBM Ready for Linux
  • IBM Ready for SOA
  • IBM Ready for WebSphere

Collaborate on Integrated Middleware technologies, IIB/WMB, MQ, DataPower, Web Services, and more — in “1” place — so that each team or biz unit knows what is affecting them. Shared knowledge is a wonderful thing.

Monitor Much More Than Application Servers!

What are the feeders to and from your application server environment? What does your application server environment integrate with or reach out to? With Infrared360 you can monitor and manage MQ, EMS, Web Services, ESBs, App URLs, and more all from a single interface.

True Real-Time Analytics. Full historic Data. Drag & Drop Visualizations.

Unlike other solutions that write to logs and then reactively monitor and fire alerts from that logged data, Infrared360 provides Real-time monitoring with insightful analytics tools, in addition to full historic data.

Analyze data with intuitive drag & drop visualizations right in the same interface, or use built-in services to pull data into existing central management or reporting tools. Easily share dashboards, graphs, charts, or reports with anyone to get richer, collaborative insight. No programming, just insight. All the best practices of data visualization are built right in.

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