Infrared360® is a complete solution for Administration, Monitoring, Testing, Auditing, Statistical Reporting, and Self-Service for your enterprise middleware environment.

Avada Software Uses Standards Based Architectures for Compatibility, Flexibility, and Compliance.

Products need to achieve the business goals in order to be viable for the enterprise in today’s world. This means that the architecture upon which services are built need to be flexible, compatible with business and technical goals, and comply with the overall business and technical strategy. It must be able to leverage the latest techniques and platforms, achieve the goals, avoid built-in obsolescence, and still allow for responsive change and growth. It must also accommodate current technologies.
Link: IBM Services Bus Architectures

The ultimate goal is to allow new services to be built by aggregating existing services to achieve your business goals.

Monitoring Technology

Avada Software can show you how to set up and use the alerting you need in order to support your current messaging environment but without the complexity of current solutions or the waste of add-on products and components that you will never use. As with all of our recommended architectures, only users belonging to the responsible group should be alerted to a problem. Why alert the entire organization if the problem is bound to a particular application?

Testing Framework

Avada Software tackles this problem by first helping you set up a testing environment that can be leveraged for future use. Why is it that every time new projects are delivered does there need to be new utilities built to test the new projects? Let us help you build an infrastructure that is built once and able to be re-used many times.

In addition, can you show an IT auditor or business group the testing procedures, tools, and the actual messages and data used to perform the testing? Are those pieces leverage-able for use with other projects, tests, or even audit review? If not, then we can help.

Products that automate testing of the graphical interface of an application are good, but what happens it there is NO graphical interface to the application, or you want to test the rules or routing or payload of an application before a graphical front end is even created? Our solutions will provide the answer.

Our Testing Suite is simple to understand, simple to use:

Generate, Send, Compare, Reply, Compare, Save the Results, Save the Tests.

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