Infrared360® is a complete solution for Administration, Monitoring, Testing, Auditing, Statistical Reporting, and Self-Service for your enterprise middleware environment.

Avada Software Uses Standards Based Architectures for Compatibility, Flexibility, and Compliance.

To be a viable option for IT today, an infrastructure monitoring and administration solution needs to tackle the goals of business and IT, meet compliance standards across the enterprise, and support today’s non-siloed IT and Ops team structures. At the same time, it needs to leverage the latest technologies and allow for elastic growth.

Avada’s flagship IT infrastructure monitoring solution is designed with all this in mind.

It’s designed to avoid built-in obsolescence and allow for responsive change and growth. It provides secure visibility across the complete technology stack, so that securely delegated action can be taken before problems become critical.

Secure Monitoring Technology

Infrared360 is built on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) using open standards. It is J2EE-compliant, so it is platform-independent and Web based. With it you can set up and use the alert scenarios you need in order to support your current messaging environment but without the security issues or complexity of other solutions or the clutter of add-on products and components. In keeping with our persona-based architecture, you set up monitoring so only users belonging to the responsible group are alerted to a problem. Why alert the entire organization if the problem is bound to a particular end point?

Security is one of our key focuses. Aside from secure delegation of user authorities, Infrared360 is provides unparalleled security for monitoring and managing your entire environment in another key way. Infrared360 is the only agentless solution available today. So, no more worries about getting clearance for agents – which, by definition, reach out and write to your runtime environment, presenting a serious risk. No more open ports on servers in order for agents to work, no more potential attack vectors.

There’s another benefit of an agentless solution too:

Less Work for You.

  • Say goodbye to the red tape involved in trying to get approval to install agents on machines.
  • Skip the days of work and skilled effort it takes to roll out all the agents needed to monitor all your endpoints.
  • Leave behind the need for all the retesting that’s required after installing all those agents, just to make sure everything is still working right.
  • Forget about having to retool your whole system because those agents are sapping resources and impeding performance.

Management and Administration Technology

Using Secure Collaboration™ and delegated administration, the Infrared360 portal provides you the administrative flexibility to give different business units or even different application users delegated, virtual environments in which to work.

In addition to giving you control of delegated visibility and access; you get a concise audit trail of all activity by user and groups of users (or collections) within the environment.

Infrared360 provides five-point protection as it:

  1. Simultaneously reports on the stability of your middleware (and touchpoints)
  2. Warns of potential exceptions
  3. Sends immediate notifications when issues arise
  4. Provides a simplified capability to drill down to where that exception occurred
  5. Sends you to the relevant problem areas, regardless of whether they are on-prem or in the cloud

Automation and Self-Healing Technology

We designed Infrared360 with automation (set it and forget it) in mind. Another way that Infrared360 helps you work smarter, not harder.

  • Infrared360 can automate onboarding. It will read customer repositories like LDAP and create a user or list of users.
  • Infrared360 facilitates automated, rule-based analysis of problem conditions
  • The robust rules engine enables you to create your own self-healing tasks to respond when specified conditions are present.

Dashboard Technology

The Infrared360 portal allows for easy web-like navigation to managed servers from any browser, from any place. Infrared360 provides reporting capability into middleware by distilling the information most critical to each user into easily digestible, drag and drop portlets from which you can build and assign security-delegated dashboards, alerts, reports, and test cases. The intuitive user interface leverages the ‘bookmark’ model for user personalization. The user enjoys one look & feel for all platforms (Windows™, Unix®, IBM zOS®, HP-NSK, etc.).

Need to share reports with others? Simple click and create PDF or .png versions of your dashboard elements and send them on to whoever you need to share them with.

Testing Technology

Why is it that every time new projects are delivered there needs to be new utilities built to test the new projects? Avada Software tackles this problem by first helping you set up a testing environment that can be leveraged for future use. Let us help you build an infrastructure that is built once and able to be re-used many times.

Can you show an IT auditor or business group the testing procedures, tools, and the actual messages and data used to perform testing under your current process? Are those pieces leverage-able for use with other projects, tests, or even audit review? If not, then we can help.

Products that automate testing of the graphical interface of an application are good, but what happens if there is NO graphical interface to the application, or you want to test the rules or routing or payload of an application before a graphical front end is even created? Our solutions provide the answer.

Synthetic Transactions 

Infrared360® employs an easy to use, proactive monitoring approach that lets you emulate transactions from and to anywhere in your environment. A user-friendly interface lets you easily create behavioral paths which are monitored in your testing component. Since no actual traffic is needed, you’re able to test applications 24×7 or test new architecture elements prior to a live launch.

Our Testing Suite is simple to understand, simple to use:

Generate, Send, Compare, Reply, Compare, Save the Results, Save the Tests.

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