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Agentless IIB/ACE (Broker) Monitor: Nothing to deploy to managed servers!

Infrared360® is a lightweight yet very powerful IIB monitor giving you ALL of the features (and many you’ve not yet seen) for monitoring your integrated IIB/ACE & MQ environment.

The Infrared360® Advantages and Features:

1. Provides Proactive Monitoring

This allows you to notify team members of impending problems in any monitored IBM IIB/ACE environment – as well as Web Services (REST/SOAP), Kafka, IBM-MQ, Tibco-EMS, JBoss, WebSphere, Apache-Tomcat and IBM Datapower.

2. Leverage Internal Integrations

Simple integration to other Services in your environment can be initiated in response to alerts.  Whether simple notifications to 3rd party systems OR kicking off other processes via URL, SOAP, REST, Pub/Sub, even .SH

3. Associate Alerts to Lines of Business

Associate alerts to specific lines of business (add rule for time and or geography) so people in each line of business is notified only for their* issues.

4. Alerts Can Be Propagated to any 3rd Party Products

Notifies team members of impending problems in any monitored IBM-IIB/ACE environment – as well as Web Services (REST/SOAP) as well as IBM-MQ, Kafka, Tibco-EMS, JBoss, WebSphere, Apache-Tomcat and IBM Datapower

5. A Smart Solution That Leverages Self-Service

Leverage 100’s of users for your middleware environment – let them do what they do well, in a secure “trusted space”™.

6. Leverage Monitoring in non-prod environments.

LOB’s can do it for internal projects because monitoring works for the entire system of Dev Ops. Groups can see the results before production.

7. Self Service & Delegated Administration

Give users the ability to SEE and DO what you need them to and nothing more — allowing you to leverage their time and strengths.

8. Dynamic IIB/ACE Alert Response

Automate responses to Alerts via Infrared360® Services. Alert values are passed to services so they can do the work for you!

9. Statistical Reporting – SLA Summary

Infrared360®s EZ Reporting allows end users to – without SQL knowledge to view and summarize IIB/ACE statistics by HR(s), DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YTD and more!

Infrared360® is 100%

  • J2EE Compliant
  • IBM Ready for Linux
  • IBM Ready for SOA
  • IBM Ready for WebSphere

Collaborate on Integrated Middleware technologies, IIB, WMB, MQ, DataPower, Web Services, and more — in “1” place — so that each team or biz unit knows what is affecting them. Shared knowledge is a wonderful thing.

Monitor Much More Than Enterprise Messaging!

What are the feeders to your middleware environment? What does your middleware environment reach out to? Are these systems also running normal?

Run Synthetic Transactions

Validate Message Flow, Queues, Triggers, Applications, Broker Nodes, and more by running Infrared360®s patent pending IR-Tester; synthetic messaging Service. Use real data, not ‘hello world’ to test your routes and applications. Save transaction types to a library for reuse and regression testing. Use multiple header and property values to verify your IIB or Broker node routing logic. Verify that header values end up at the proper destination and in the correct format.

Statistical Reporting

Collect and Report statistical information regarding your IBM IIB & Broker environments. Get short and long term granular reports in CSV, PDF or XML formats. Use data to easily locate peaks and valleys and abnormal traffic behaviors in your IIB or Broker environment. Aggregate and report traffic and usage on Message Flows, Nodes, Execution Groups, and MQ feeders, CPU usage, Time to Process, and more!

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