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Continuous Modernization with IBM MQ 9.3

IBM MQ 9.3 is the culmination of more than 25 years over which IBM MQ has been consistently refined to keep mission critical data flowing without interruption for thousands of customers. This week David Ware, Program Director, Offering Management, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and presenter at Middleware Mash-up published a synopsis of the [...]

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IBM MQ Vulnerable to multiple Eclipse Jetty Issues

Multiple issues in versions of Eclipse Jetty may make IBM MQ Vulnerable as it uses them to provide Web Console, REST API, Salesforce Bridge and Blockchain bridge functionality. Affected versions include: IBM MQ 9.1 LTS , IBM MQ 9.2 CD, IBM MQ 9.1 CD, IBM MQ 9.2 LTS Under this announcement, multiple issues were [...]

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IBM MQ Prevents Message Duplication or Loss

IBM MQ is one of the most popular messaging-orientated middleware solutions, its once-and-once-only message queue is a way to avoid duplicate messages. A digital platform may have billions of messages flowing through it each day, with real-time updates considered the standard by customers and enterprises. Ensuring that messages aren’t duplicated or lost in the [...]

IBM MQ Vulnerability For the IBM i Platform

An IBM MQ Vulnerability was identified with the Jackson library that is used within the IBM MQ Console to provide REST API functionality. The issue was announced on June 22, 2022. The Jackson library is only used in IBM MQ Versions 9.2.4 and above. The description of the issue is as follows: FasterXML jackson-databind [...]

WebSphere Application Server & Liberty Operator Webinar Managing Liberty Applications on Kubernetes

Check out this WebSphere Application Server & Liberty Operator webinar from the WebSphere, Liberty & DevOps Community ... The WebSphere Liberty Operator allows you to deploy and manage containerized Liberty applications securely and easily on Red Hat OpenShift as well as other Kubernetes-based platforms in a consistent way. You can also perform Day-2 [...]

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Write a DataPower Review and Receive a Gift Card or Donation to a Charity

Write a DataPower Review and Receive a Gift Card or Donation to a Charity IBM relies on users like you to share your experience with IBM DataPower. People trust you - Peer review sites are getting more popular, with 45% of people using reviews as a key part of their purchase decision. When [...]

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IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Touches on How IBM MQ Contributes to the Overall Earnings Plans for IBM

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Touches on How IBM MQ Contributes to the Overall Earnings Plans for IBM During a June 2nd interview at the Bernstein 38th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference, Toni Sacconaghi, Bernstein's IT Hardware and Electric Vehicles Analyst, talks with Arvind Krishna, the Chairman and CEO of IBM. In the interview focused on [...]

Pay for IBM MQ Skills Is On The Rise

According to a the latest IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index, compiled by Foote Partners, pay for in-demand IT skills, including IBM MQ Skills, rose the fastest it has in 14 years.  CIOs seeking to hire or retain skilled IT workers should continue to budget generously for payroll. Pay premiums for non-certified tech [...]

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Introduction to IBM MQ: powering cloud-native apps, everywhere!

Introduction to IBM MQ: powering cloud-native apps, everywhere! Mon, Jun 20, 2022 10:00 AM EDT SummaryIBM MQ is a robust, reliable, and secure messaging solution. It simplifies and accelerates the integration of different applications across multiple platforms including on premises / private data centers and public clouds. In this session we’ll look how IBM [...]

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WebSphere Automation 1.3 update and “How to” Deep Dive

WebSphere Automation 1.3 update and "How to" Deep Dive Join the WebSphere Automation team in a "How To" deep dive and an overview of WebSphere Automation 1.3+ Speakers: Mike Thompson, Lead Product Manager for WebSphere Automation and Brian Hanczaryk, Lead WebSphere System Test Check out a teaser blog : https://community.ibm.com/community/user/wasdevops/blogs/brian-hanczaryk/2022/03/23/websphere-automation-how-to-series-1-how-to-get-we?CommunityKey=5c4ba155-561a-4794-9883-bb0c6164e14e   Click here to [...]

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