Infrared360® Solution

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Infrared360® is a complete solution for persona based Administration, Monitoring, Synthetic Transactions, User Auditing, and Dashboards for Enterprise middleware environments.

It is the ONLY Enterprise Messaging Solution with a built in webs services engine that lets you leverage internal and external services* to manage and correct problems within your transaction environment.

The Infrared360® Advantages and Features:

  • It’s a Portal – One product for all your Enterprise Messaging needs and all your Enterprise Messaging Environments.
  • Agentless Management, Monitoring/Alerting, and Message Testing for IBM MQ, IBM IIB/ACE, TIBCO EMS, Application Servers (WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat), URLs, Web Services (SOAP & REST), Database, Files.
  • Delegated administration facilitates persona based access – User can only see and do what you allow them to!
  • Rest easy with Infrared360®. Access to target objects are secured by group and role permissions and audit trails mark every action taken.
  • NO deployment of software agents or adapters to managed servers.
  • Architected to leverage web services, Infrared360® can leverage internal or external services to facilitate monitoring of assets or integration TO assets.

Productivity and self service via persona based access.

No deployment needed to managed endpoints.

Smart self-service solution that gives real control to your users! Infrared360® scales to thousands of managed middleware endpoints with a standard app server deployment!

Infrared360® Innovations:

  • Infrared360® facilitates instant, yet secure access to environments that need to be managed and monitored NOW!
  • Infrared360® facilitates pro-active, not reactive – real-time analysis for collaborative teams.
  • Infrared360® facilitates automated, rule-based analysis of problem conditions.
  • Infrared360® facilitates automated corrective actions to problem conditions.
  • Infrared360® provides post action reporting and auditing trails.
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