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Infrared360 is Now The Product of Choice for Global 1000 Corporations

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What Problems Does IR360 Solve?

Avada Software’s Infrared360 solves one of the largest issues for Middleware products (like IBM MQ, IIB, and Application Servers) in Visibility. Rather than too little or too much approach, Infrared360 allows for people’s visibility to be defined. It makes sure everyone has access to what they need while ensuring all corporate security, compliance, and technical restrictions and allowances are enforced, focusing the right people to work on the right things.

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What The Industry is Saying About IR360

“The product has a small footprint on our system. We don’t use a lot of clients. They’re very knowledgeable of MQ, which we use. It’s what we use for monitoring our MQ system, so the features that they provide are just really, really good.”

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Case Study: Alight Solutions

Alight Solutions is a leading provider of integrated benefits, payroll, and cloud solutions with 78 offices in 29 countries. They wanted to make sure that the solution they brought was able to meet their strict security compliance audits due to the nature of the sensitive data they need to protect. See how Infrared360 was able to meet their standards.

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Case Study: Parker-Hannfin Corp

Parker-Hannifin Corporation specializes in motion and control technologies with for than 500 locations serving over 49 countries. They needed a way to have quick and simple integration of systems to all these different locations. See how Infrared360 solved this specific challenge and more here.

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What We Do

We manage and monitor your Middleware systems, such as IBM MQ, ACE, WAS, DP, Apache Kafka, Tibco EMS, etc. We look for performance issues and provide delegated visibility for IT teams into their middleware environments. Our portal empowers self-service, streamlines systems, reduces maintenance, and improves operational efficiency

  • Agentless – Runs how you want it (Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud, On Prem)

  • Access from Anywhere – Browser based allows access worldwide

  • Single Security Model – No need to worry about outside threats

  • Proactive Monitoring – See your problems before they arise

  • Trusted Space® – You have full control in allowing users to only see what they are supposed to

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