MQ Monitoring Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

MQ Monitoring Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)2022-08-15T13:48:41+00:00

Q-Guard: Powered by Infrared360® & Sapphire Cloud

Get Started with Our cloud-based IBM MQ Monitoring Platform-as-a-Service with Q-Guard from Avada Software

Avada Software’s has a new cost-effective, cloud-based solution for Monitoring IBM MQ middleware environments. Powered by Avada Infrared360 and Sapphire Cloud, Q-Guard is the ONLY MQ Monitoring Platform-As-a-Service (Paas) for IBM MQ on any platform/OS.

Infrared360® is a complete solution for Monitoring, Testing, Auditing, & Statistical Reporting for your enterprise middleware environment.

Q-Guard will monitor your IBM MQ environment. We look for performance issues and provide visibility for your IT Team into their middleware environment.

Created through the combination of Avada Software’s Infrared360 and Sapphire Cloud Solutions resilient cloud monitoring services, Q-Guard’s strengths lie in its:

  • No Capitol Investments
  • No Startup Costs
  • No operational costs – No Server Maintenance, Upgrades, Patches, etc.
  • One Monthly Fixed Fee
  • Automated Rules Based Issues Monitoring and Resolution Technology
  • Application Server Monitoring
  • Instant and Secure End-to- End Connectivity
  • Proven and Certified Tier 3 N+1 Data Center Facilities
  • Statistical Analysis, Reporting, and Audit Trail Tracking
  • 24/7 US Based Data Centers, Services, and Support

Proactive MQ Monitoring

Receive Alerts immediately to any impending problems in your monitored IBM MQ environment – as well as Web Services (REST/SOAP). Proactive monitoring from Q-Guard means you will receive alerts before you need to take action!

On top of monitoring, we also offer statistical analysis, reporting & audit trail tracking

Cloud Based Data Warehouse

Our Cloud Centers are Proven & Certified Tier 3 N + 1

With 99.982% uptime or better and a backup in case of outages, Q-Guard will always be up and running to monitor MQ for you

Our Data Centers are US Based and have support running 24/7.

Minimal Investment

All you need to do to get started is pay a low monthly fixed fee to run Q-Guard. There are no startup costs or capital investments necessary.

Stop paying a consultant thousands of dollars to look at your MQ environment when Q-Guard can monitor it 24/7 for you at only a fraction of the cost.

Q-Guard Offerings


Let our MQ experts handle it all for you. We will do all the administration, monitoring, statistical reporting, as well as help set up all your users, groups, roles, collections & more. Our trusted spaces model allows you to control what you want you users to see, and what you do not. We can also set up automated actions to respond and resolve your issues for you with a proactive approach to alerts. We can set up reports for statistical analysis of your MQ queues. Our MQ Monitoring Platform-as-a-Service model is designed to help you feel secure in knowing that you have 24/7 protection for your MQ environment while you can focus on the important things.


This option is best for someone who has some MQ experience. We still have our MQ Monitoring Platform-as-a-Service model, but you are free to set up Q-Guard how you like. You have the options to set your own users, groups, collections & roles. Set up alerts & monitoring for what is important to you. Our dashboards will give you a great overview on the health of everything and what you should be focusing on.

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