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Peter D’Agosta has been in IT for more than 35 years. Cofounder/COO and Product Manager at Avada Software, his background includes application and systems programming, enterprise architecture, consulting, management, analysis, strategic 24/7 systems including airline, banking, and internet, as well as technology innovation. Peter oversaw infrastructures for airlines, branch banking, and online service companies before moving into the software vendor arena where he worked with new innovations in email, messaging, portal and web service technology. Interspersed with engagements for some of the world’s largest companies, Peter’s varied background provides him a unique perspective in applied technology.

Be Kind to Your Database Administrators

Middleware Managers: Be Kind to Your Database Admins When people think of transactional middleware, like IBM MQ or AMQ or Kafka, etc., they think about data being sent from point A to point B or posting to a topic so that others can subscribe to that data. Even if persisted data is really just data [...]

Middleware Market Is Thriving Worldwide

Market Reports recently broadcasted a new study in its database that highlights the in-depth market analysis with future prospects of Middleware market. The study covers significant data which makes the research document a handy resource for managers, industry executives and other key people get ready-to-access and self analyzed study along with graphs and tables to [...]

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3 Ways Banks Can Mitigate the Risks of a Finite Cloud Service Provider Marketplace.

3 Ways Banks Can Mitigate the Risks of a Finite Cloud Service Provider Marketplace Banks have been implementing cloud infrastructure for certain low-risk functions since nearly the technology’s inception. Many banks, however, have shied away from implementing core transaction processing on Cloud infrastructure. But that has been changing in very recent times. In [...]

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Agents of KAOS in IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Agents of Kaos in IT Infrastructure Monitoring In the world of IT infrastructure monitoring and management solutions there has been a lot of debate about agent-based vs. agentless architectures. Deciding between an agent-based vs. agentless approach can have a big impact on the efficiency and management of your day-to-day operations [...]


The term APM was coined for application performance monitoring. It defines a criteria for which applications can be monitored for efficiency. The first set of performance metrics defines performance as experienced by end users of the application. An example would be average response times under peak load. The second set of performance metrics measures [...]

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Avada Software has gotten quite a positive reaction to our Self-Service webcast: Productivity through SMART self-service for IBM MQ & IIB. We thank all those who attended and commented. I’d like to continue the thoughts of that webcast via this blog. One or two replies struck me as odd only because Avada Software has been evangelizing [...]

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In 1867 speech in Edinburgh, British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said, “In a progressive country change is constant; ...change... is inevitable.” Similar quotes can be found from progressive thinkers and scientists. "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." John [...]

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