IBM MQ Monitoring-as-a-Service

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Agentless MQ Monitoring-as-a-Service: Nothing to deploy to managed servers!

Infrared360® is a lightweight yet very powerful MQ monitor giving you ALL of the features (and many you’ve not yet seen) for monitoring your MQ environment-including the MQ Appliance & Datapower.

Proactively isolate looming issues and catch problems BEFORE they happen. Avoid faults and failures that would negatively impact the flow of business and destroy your SLAs. Assure business flows smoothly and consistently regardless of changes in environment or traffic.

The Infrared360®-as-a-Service Advantages and Features:

1. Provides Proactive MQ Monitoring

Set up persona-based roles and collections that let you securely collaborate on incident prevention and resolution. This allows you to notify team members of impending problems in any monitored IBM MQ environment – even IBM Datapower. Users only see or access what they are authorized to see/access.

2. Propagate Alerts Notifications to any 3rd Party System

Propagate notifications to 3rd Party system such as Service Now, Splunk, Openview, Jira, Remedy in order to leverage current escalation and ticketing systems. Simple integration to other Services in your environment can be initiated in response to alerts.

3. A Smart Solution That Securely Leverages Self-Service

Leverage 100’s of users for your middleware environment – let them do what they do well, in a secure “trusted space”™. This feature lets you limit visibility/access to objects such as Queues, Topics, Channels, Processes, and other Messaging Server resources so that only those who are authorized to those objects. Plus, Infrared360 provides complete audit trails for EVERY ACTION taken by every user.

4. Leverage Insight-Driven Dashboards

Analyze data with intuitive drag & drop visualizations. No programming, just insight. Share with anyone  to get richer insight. Best practices of data visualization are baked right in.

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