JBoss Performance Monitoring

Infrared360 JBoss performance monitoring and management gives you end-to-end observability of your JBoss Application Server as well as the applications deployed on it. Proactively monitor overall availability, health and performance, JVM usage and response time, CPU/memory usage, and more. Monitor performance of Java applications running on JBoss for full observability.

JBoss Monitoring for Your Entire Distributed Environment

Infrared360® is cloud native and designed to give you observability across your entire modern distributed environment. Monitor JBoss Application Servers on-prem, in the cloud, in containers, across multi-cloud – anywhere. With Infrared360® you get end-to-end observability of 100s of application servers (including JBoss and Tomcat – plus other infrastructure) all under one interface.

Proactively Monitor JBoss KPIs in True Real-Time™

Other JBoss performance monitoring solutions write to logs and then, reactively monitor and fire alerts based off averages in that data. This can create long lags before you’re notified about an incident. This can lead to long hours forensically deciphering what went wrong and when. Infrared360 facilitates a proactive management approach with True Real-Time Monitoring™ and insightful analytics tools. Plus, you get powerful drag-and-drop visualizations for your historic data too.

Monitor JBoss Application Server performance metrics in True Real-Time™ :

JVM metrics
System status
JDBC Connection metrics
Thread Pool data
Web Application metrics
Dynamic cache
JCA connection
EJB Methods
EJB stats
(to name a few)

Head-Off Issues with Automated Corrective Actions

Infrared360 JBoss Performance Monitoring lets you use True Real-Time™ Alerts to facilitate automated corrective action before end users are affected. Trigger services or your custom scripts to automate responses such as changes to database connection pool size or restarting a JBoss server when its memory usage reaches a determined threshold