eBook: Inside IBM MQ Deployment Choices

eBook: Inside IBM MQ Deployment Choices2020-11-20T15:24:39+00:00

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Don’t miss the latest critical information on IBM MQ! This E-book: Inside IBM MQ Deployment Choices has excellent information for MQ rookies to advanced level professionals.

The E-book highlights:

  • What is IBM MQ and architectural diagrams
  • IBM MQ Light V1.0 release arms developers with simple messaging and scalable development
  • How to write code that just works using MQ Light: A Q&A with Alan Chatt
  • IBM releases MQ Appliance to simplify messaging deployment in remote locations and in the data-center
  • Understanding IBM Messaging Deployment choices and use cases
  • IBM MQ Light webcast
  • IBM MQ Appliance Overview
  • Messaging across IT: IBM MQ V8 enhancements

Don’t miss out on this critical information to make sure your MQ environment is running smoothly and efficiently!

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