IBM MQ 9.3 is the culmination of more than 25 years over which IBM MQ has been consistently refined to keep mission critical data flowing without interruption for thousands of customers. This week David Ware, Program Director, Offering Management, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and presenter at Middleware Mash-up published a synopsis of the constant, incremental, delivery that has led up to IBM MQ 9.3 and highlighted some of the more significant updates that tie into the work going into MQ today to keep it continuously evolving. 

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It’s June 2022, and we’ve just released IBM MQ 9.3 , the latest long term support release for IBM MQ. Many of you will know that this is two years on from 9.2 LTS, and in that time we’ve introduced an amazing set of updates and innovation. Many of these features we’ve been talking about for a while, as they have become available through the continuous delivery (CD) path over the last two years. With that constant, incremental, delivery it can sometimes be hard to see the bigger picture of what we’ve been working on. An LTS release is that perfect point to step back and take stock of the many features the team has added over the last couple of years. They’re all documented individually here , but I think that misses the full impact, so instead, let’s see what they look like as a whole… Click here to view original web page at […]




On April 12, 2022 IBM officially announced IBM MQ 9.3 availability for June 23, 2022. 

Most of what is new in IBM Q 9.3 is focused on modernization of your MQ estate. With modernization, it’s critical that you maintain (or even improve) your observability of your entire MQ environment. Check out our tips for 5 Challenges & Solutions When Modernizing Your Middleware Infrastructure. Or, check out some of our other content below: