Transforming Your IBM MQ Estate Using Containers

Presented by David Ware, Chief Architect of IBM MQ

The ‘containerization’ of IT deployments in support of cloud-native architectures, widely adopted today, provides infrastructure optimization in many ways: cost savings over virtualization technology, scalability, availability, elasticity, team agility, and more. MQ is a natural fit for cloud native deployments, but many aren’t sure where to start with modernizing MQ in containers. Come and learn the key aspects to succeed with a container-based deployment strategy – and how you can get MQ running in a container in minutes.

You’ll get expert insights on how to:

  • Get started with modernizing MQ in containers.
  • Connect applications in containers.
  • Optimize your approach to messaging.
  • Adapt containers for use with your stateful applications.
  • Ensure your MQ container approach is optimized for scalability and continuous availability.
  • Manage containers without killing your MQ logs, destroying your CERTs, or defeating version control.

Whether you haven’t started with modernizing your MQ in containers or want to get tips on how to improve your approach, fill out the form below to learn how.

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