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TxMQ Releases an IBM MQ Custom Docker Image and Helm Chart

BUFFALO, N.Y., Oct. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TxMQ, a full-service enterprise IT solutions and consulting firm, has developed a custom IBM MQ Docker image and Helm chart to address needs for containerized MQ deployments. Options include Kubernetes and Docker Compose - in any public cloud or on-premise environment. The solution supports the adoption of best [...]

Improving Productivity Through Smart, Safe Self-Service

How to Improve Productivity Across IT  with Smart, Safe Self-Service There was a time when IT self-service was considered inconvenient. In the early days, when the underlying technology was often slow, erratic, and inconsistent, many felt it was faster and easier to rely on a live person. Today digitally-familiar users can’t imagine a [...]

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Managing Middleware in Hybrid Cloud

Managing Middleware in Hybrid Cloud Presented by Peter D’Agosta, Co-Founder & Chief Product Manager, Avada Software Organizations often a choose hybrid cloud architecture over “fully-in-the-cloud” environments to keep corporate assets secure and private, get better scaling & workload, and for improved control of the environment, processes, and methodologies. But this modernization comes [...]