Integration Modernization Lessons Learned

Presented by Nick Glowacki, Executive IT Specialist, IBM Evangelist for IBMs Integration Portfolio

There are three main areas that have been impacted heavily in the software development space recently: people/process, architecture, and the technology we choose to implement said architecture. As business objectives have changed, we’ve had to adopt new modern approaches and techniques. These have amplified the importance of adhering to some of the IT Ops best practices many of us have treated as merely suggestions. The goal of this session is not to debate Agile/Waterfall, monolith v microservices, or VMs and containers, but rather to understand the synergy to these decision points and how they are impacting not just your integration framework, but the day-to-day for your integration teams. You’ll get expert insights on how to:

  • Capitalize on real life lessons learned from when your org structure doesn’t match your architecture
  • Avoid common pitfalls when modernizing your processes, architecture, and technology
  • Sidestep common mistakes when managing containers in a production setting
  • Plus, get a proven template for planning out your modernization that has helped hundreds of I&O teams optimize and future proof their Integration estate.

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