Improving Productivity Through Smart, Safe Self-Service

Presented by Peter D’Agosta, Co-Founder & Chief Product Manager, Avada Software

The beauty of technology self-service is in how it allows you to scale your business, paying dividends as you grow – particularly in technical and customer support. Provide support through self-service and it will cost you less than 1% of what it costs you to provide it through staff. Plus, 71% of consumers of information want to solve issues on their own. Not only does a self-service option cost less, it’s what your users want. Still, the adoption curve for IT admin, support, dev, etc. has been slow and some I&O managers still perceive associated risks. Come sit in on this session and learn how to implement smart self-service that mitigates risks to boost your operation’s productivity and bottom line. View the session and discover:

  • The need for Smart, safe self-service in IT
  • Key Requirements for Smart self-service
  • How self-service evolved and where it is today.
  • Industry specific examples of cost savings.
  • How to avoid  risk with self-service
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