IBM MQ: Enterprise-wide Integration for Modern Distributed Environments

Presented by Amy McCormick, Principal Offering Manager – IBM MQ distributed IBM Automation

For more than 25 years IBM MQ has been consistently refined to keep mission critical data flowing without interruption for thousands of customers. As the world transitions to modernized techniques and technologies for distributed environments – beyond cloud to multi-cloud, edge computing, and IoT – MQ is continuing to evolve and be a critical part of integrating disparate environments. For I&O professionals and leaders, it’s imperative to understand the most recent developments so you can see how to make the best use of newer capabilities for your business. We’ll also show some exciting areas of the IBM MQ roadmap to give you an idea of what you can expect to see from us in future deliveries. Join-in to:

  • Future proof your infrastructure strategy
  • Understand the core functionality on the MQ roadmap that will help you address changing market dynamics
  • Maximize business value in a modern distributed environment

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