IBM MQ Prevents Message Duplication or Loss

IBM MQ is one of the most popular messaging-orientated middleware solutions, its once-and-once-only message queue is a way to avoid duplicate messages. A digital platform may have billions of messages flowing through it each day, with real-time updates considered the standard by customers and enterprises. Ensuring that messages aren’t duplicated or lost in the process is an arduous task, and one that is the focus of IBM MQ, an enterprise-grade messaging solution that has been on the market for over 25 years. With IBM MQ, messages are delivered once-and-once-only, which is key to avoiding duplication or loss. If the server is not ready to receive a message, MQ will wait until it is, through its Message Queue Interface. Other messaging-orientated middleware products may send regardless of server activity, which results in loss, while others may send a follow up […]


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Trusted Spaces for Smart, Secure IBM MQ Administration.

Security is critical for your enterprise messaging and integration environment. Infrared360’s unique Trusted Spaces™ feature lets you keep users seeing and working only in the areas they should and promotes secure collaboration across departments, teams, locations, and partners. This powerful feature set allows or limits visibility to objects such as Queues, Topics, Consumers, Channels, Applications, Flows, and other integration-type server resources according to the “permissions” or “role” of  the user.  Trusted Spaces enables secure, smart, self-service IT administration to save you and your team effort and time that can be better utilized elsewhere.

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