Write a DataPower Review and Receive a Gift Card or Donation to a Charity

IBM relies on users like you to share your experience with IBM DataPower. People trust you – Peer review sites are getting more popular, with 45% of people using reviews as a key part of their purchase decision. When people look up reviews, your company’s name and opinion will position you as a thought leader, and it allows you to showcase your own technical capabilities. 

To thank you for your time, IBM has set up multiple campaigns that give you something back. If you write a DataPower review on Gartner you’ll receive a $25 gift card or donation to the charity of your choice. 

Review DataPower on Gartner herehttps://gtnr.io/CTiBq2l81

If you’re using DataPower as part of our Cloud Pak for Integration, you can also share your broader integration journey and review the Cloud Pak for additional $25 gift cards on Gartner at 
https://gtnr.io/yVDnQp6uI and on