MQ Admin Tool News: Fix for QM to go into unresponsive state.

Back in March of 2022, IBM acknowledged an issue when upgrading to MQ 9.2.x CD. The problem, it seems, is that the the queue manager intermittently hangs. Users of this MQ Admin tool will get an FDC that reads:

"XC307100  xlsRequestMutex       xecL_W_LONG_LOCK_WAIT AMQ6150W:
IBM MQ semaphore is busy.
AL163010  alsCheckPointHealth   MQRC_UNEXPECTED_ERROR"

Users across platforms are effected.

This error is different than a Queue manager hanging during MQPUT processing on behalf of an application putting to a remote clustered queue. In that case, the checkpointer component eventfully hangs as well, and therefore the whole queue manager becomes unresponsive. Users of that MQ Admin tool will get the following errors:

AMQ6709: The log for the queue manager is full
AMQ7463: The log for queue manager EMPMIB1 is full

Today, IBM announced that the issue of Queue manager intermittently becomes unresponsive after upgrading to MQ 9.2.x is resolved. “A defect in MQ in logger event management caused the QM to go into unresponsive state.” The MQ logger code has been modified to resolve the problem. The fix is targeted for delivery in the following MQ Admin tool: Version 9.x CD, Maintenance Level  9.2.5

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