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Find out what your peers are saying about IBM MQ vs. VMware RabbitMQ and other solutions. Updated: March 2022.

“The reliability of the queuing is the most valuable feature.”

“IBM MQ deals mainly with the queuing mechanism. It passes the data and it publishes it. These two abilities are the most valuable features.”

“The most valuable feature is the Queue Manager, which lies in the middle between our application and our core banking server.”

“A stable and reliable software that offers good integration between different systems.”

“The high availability and session recovery are the most valuable features because we need the solution live all day.”

“It is easy to use. The addition of more queues and more services can be managed very easily.”

“Some of the most valuable features are publish and subscribe, fanout, and queues.”

“It can be configured to be a very fast message broker. I like […]

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