Today IBM Announced the availability of IBM DataPower Gateway X3. It is the newest model in their line of gateways. This new model provides increased improved performance, security and usability features.

IBM United States Software Announcement 222-111

DataPower Gateway X3 Overview

IBM® DataPower® Gateway X3 Appliance, a specialized, high-performance hardware security and integration gateway appliance, delivers security, control, integration, and optimization functionality. It builds on industry-leading capabilities for securing and integrating business applications and services. DataPower Gateway X3 Appliance extends these capabilities with improved performance, security, and usability features. Organizations get an innovative approach to application security that supports the increasing speed of service deployment.

DataPower Gateway X3 Appliance is shipped with the new DataPower Gateway X3 Appliance 10.5.0 firmware and is available through Passport Advantage®.

DataPower Gateway X3 Appliance delivers the following:

  • Increased processing capacity, additional memory, and network bandwidth to eliminate bottlenecks and achieve the most efficient transactional processing
  • Tamper resistant, high-security cryptographic operations, and message and access protection, offering enterprise-grade security in a physical appliance
  • Integration capabilities that connect modern event-based and API workloads with other traditional services
  • An optimized web management interface for building DataPower Gateway X3 Appliance services, such as API management and real-time streaming services utilizing Kafka and GraphQL, that improve ease of use and enhances developer productivity



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