Avada Software, an innovative provider of unified management and monitoring solutions for enterprise middleware environments, announced today support for the newly released IBM MQ Appliance from IBM corp.

Avada Software’s flagship product, Infrared360, provides full administration, self-service, monitoring, statistical reporting, load testing, automation and auditing for enterprise middleware platforms. Avada Software’s innovative architecture, ability to delegate user access and permissions, and agent-less MQ monitor, which Avada Software pioneered nearly a decade ago, made support of the new platform a simple validation.

Given Avada Software’s products treat each target endpoint technology as just another IoT device, “we were able to validate that all of Infrared360’s features worked out of box with the new IBM MQ Appliance,” stated Avada Software’s Product Manager, Peter D’Agosta.

“It just validates our initial approach to the middleware layers of the enterprise. Back in 2006 we realized that with the advance of lower priced and rapidly growing numbers of device endpoints to manage, the agent based approach had a short lifespan,” added CTO Robert Sordillo.

The newly released IBM MQ Appliance combines the flexibility of a general purpose server, elasticity of cloud, and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to a workload — fundamentally changing the experience and economics of enterprise middleware messaging; helping  organizations reduce the cost of introducing and expanding their rapidly rising tide of enterprise middleware applications and performance requirements. More information about IBM MQ Appliance can be found here.

Avada Software’s customers have been taking advantage of their simple, proactive, all in one approach to save operational costs and improve operational efficiencies. Now customers can get the full features of Infrared360 whether IBM MQ is running on distributed servers, mainframes, cloud environments, or appliances. From the perspective of the end user, the OS and hardware are invisible.

Avada Software’s Infrared360 is a value rich lightweight, robust, and cohesive solution for management and monitoring IBM MQ resources – wherever they reside.

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