Infrared360® is a complete solution for Administration, Monitoring, Testing, Auditing, Self-Service/Automation and Statistical Reporting for your enterprise middleware environment.

Industry: Banking

Years Customer: 7

Employees: 10,000+

Quick Environment Hits: WebSphere MQ, LDAP, WAS, webservices


One of the largest financial/banking institutions in the US had been using a competitive product for a period of time. However, as their environment grew they realized they needed a tool that was a “centralized place for the MQ admin staff to quickly look at the ever expanding MQ world.”

The current solution had lacked the ability to: effectively audit, let the team know there were MQ issues, allow “non MQ” people into their “MQ world.” Another major issue was a lack of LDAP authentication-it was a serious hole in their current solution, as they were unable to take a user out of their directory structure and know that access to the MQ utility was also removed.

Aside from what is listed above, the main criteria for a tool was that they would have liked it to be agentless, but didn’t realize there was an agentless solution for them…until they talked to Avada. Infrared360 was selected for the agentless implementation features, LDAP authentication capabilities, and the fact that IR360 was a monitor as well as a tool to give to the development community for their own specific usage.

Effective benefits of IR360: Being able to monitor the growing MQ environment-they needed “an actual MQ monitor, not some sort of network traffic watcher or process watcher on a server, etc.”  Monitoring the MQ environment and the provided targeted e-mails and incident ticket generation (via the link with HPOV) is a large time saver and a soft cost benefit because there is no way to truly know how much extra time would be spent finding problems or being able to recognize situations earlier than you would without the tool.

The implementation process was as expected based on knowledge of the tool-It did take,” a significant thought process to truly build out the internal access models for the varying development teams so that they could see what they needed, but not more than that.”

In the end, IR360 made it easier to show developers what is wrong with their messages -from Persistence settings, to Expiration settings or whatever else they want to look at. IR360 helps them to generate their MQ messages as well as have the ability to ‘watch’ the development team.

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