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Alight Solutions is a leading provider of integrated benefits, payroll and cloud solutions
• Number of employees: 15,000+
• Users: 50+
• 78 offices in 29 countries.
• More than 3000 clients

• Sensitive data required the solution to meet security compliance audits.
• Unforeseen vulnerabilities in existing solution.
• Existing solution was time and resource consuming, with compatibility issues.
• Previous experience of extended implementation times with existing solution was unacceptable.
• Complex, legacy scripts needed to coexist with any new solution that was implemented.

• Infrared360’s single, secure interface provided one solution that monitors all queue managers across all platforms
• Agentless management, monitoring, alerting, and message testing, with group/role-based permissions and audit trails, provide the security and low-maintenance solution needed.
• Installation without deployment of software agents or adapters allowed for complete rollout, without unforeseen security issues, in a fraction of the time compared to their previous solution.

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