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Infrared360® is a complete solution for Administration, Monitoring, Testing, Auditing, and Statistical Reporting for your enterprise middleware environment.

Industry: Utilities

Years Customer: 5

Employees: 14,000+

Quick Environment hits: MQ, WAS, Windows, AIX, Linux, zOS

A large Utility company was experiencing issues with their middleware management solution for managing their systems before switching to Infrared360.

  • Two highly experienced/high value resources were required to manually manage their MQ environment manually.
  • All MQ changes were routed through the two resources. They were either going to have to increase system programmers, or off load work utilizing a technology solution.
  • Resources actions were limited do to security parameters. If there were someone to access the server, they would have access to all data, therefore work could not get done.

Success Criteria:

  • Provide visibility and control granularity to each resource.
  • Segment out the workload.
  • Increase productivity
  • Control access to information.
  • Accomplish the same or more work with the same resources.

The implementation process was quick and easy.  Avada Software was lauded for providing a more personal support model as well as being able to keep up with technical changes.

Effective Benefits of IR360: Infrared360 met and surpassed requirements.

  • Infrared360 was much less costly than alternatives (BMC/CA/IBM) due to: License cost. Maintenance cost and Operational cost
  • Competitors required clients, and agents. Agents required license fees, required roll out time, updates to the agents, and rebooting servers.

Best practices: Less costly then manual management, Less costly than competitive products, Leverages existing resources, Provides controlled and segmented visibility, Empowers users to support themselves without risk leading to Increased productivity

Overall lessons learned  Freed up Administrators to focus on more critical tasks, Empowers users to support themselves without risk, Increased productivity, Extended use to many resources who could not have been leveraged in the past, Provided visibility to Dev environments and read only visibility to Prod environments, Saves time and money associated with roll out and support of agents and/or desktop clients, MQ manpower stayed the same as workload continued to grow, help desk and end users now use IR360, Time freed up to work on clients and Dev. Process, Less time required to manage MQ.

Visibility at an application level control plays a key role in application management. Before IR the apps team didn’t care, now they do and can do their own developing. They can see problems themselves.

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