Infrared360® is a complete solution for Administration, Monitoring, Testing, Auditing, Self-Service/Automation and Statistical Reporting for your enterprise middleware environment.


Industry: Finance/Capital Markets

Years Customer: 8

Employees: 1,000+

Quick Environment hits: WebSphere MQ, Linux, TC Server-80 IR360 users

A seamless, working middleware/messaging environment is crucial for financial industry. Before Avada and Infrared360, this customer was “lacking in that department”. Their current solution was loaded with generalized technical issues, but they simply couldn’t manage their MQ environment – there were too many environments to move messages easily. Another issue was that it took at least an hour to find a faulty message in a queue, and overall it took WAY too long to diagnose issues. They had a large development team that wanted/needed to look at queues and it was very difficult to do that with the current solution.

The main criteria for selecting a new solution was simple: they needed a product that was easy to troubleshoot and a product that would let the team know what the problem was before it happened. They also were looking for a cost effective product that was easy to configure and install.

In the end, Infrared360 was chosen because of ease of implementation, the ease of getting support, it’s affordability, and the main reason: “We didn’t have time to babysit MQ.”

Implementation was, “very simple, almost too simple.” It took minutes for them to put it in their TC server, easy to manage, move and configure.

Effective benefits of Infrared360:  They were able to take IT ‘beyond MQ’ and the network team, as well as all developers, were able to manage IR360. They could roll out IR360 to many different users, and people now had the access to do their own work. The ease of adding/deleting users and no clients to install has saved them a plethora of time compared to other alternatives on the market.

When the opportunity arises, the company will be looking to leverage IR360 for future projects and expand into other middleware arenas.

Best practices: Get people involved in their OWN systems, set up users and use the filter features. Leverage the ability to audit users to the fullest.

Overall lessons learned: Easy to add/remove servers, back-ups are easy and done often, and recovery is also an easy process. While using Internet Explorer isn’t an IR360 issue, it’s an IE issue – IR360 will work best with Chrome or Firefox.

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