Parker Hannifin unifies disparate teams and systems with collaborative data sharing and monitoring

Parker Hannifin unifies disparate teams and systems with collaborative data sharing and monitoring2020-12-11T14:44:34+00:00

Infrared360® is a complete solution for Administration, Monitoring, Testing, Auditing, and Statistical Reporting for your enterprise middleware environment.

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Infrared360® brings data and teams together.
To bring their teams together, Parker called on Avada Software, an innovative provider of middleware management and monitoring solutions. Avada’s flagship product, Infrared360®, is a web management portal for performance monitoring, testing, auditing, reporting and administration, and supplied Parker’s IT employees with the tools they needed to take ownership of their data, says Lynes.

“It’s fantastic. Nothing else did what they did—not for MQ,” he says of Avada’s browser-based, agentless monitoring capabilities. The real value, he adds, is the collaborative package. “It’s the best tool for getting MQ in everyone’s hands.”

When using IBM Message Broker, explains Lynes, it’s all about transformation and routing. Messages need to be distributed. “It’s not the hub, it’s the wires,” he explains. “It’s not the transport, but the asynchronous delivery; so there needs to be ownership.”

Underscoring the importance of asynchronous messaging, Lynes says, “If systems interact synchronously, there’s a lot of propensity for the propagation of dependency. If one system hits a snag, everything gets hung up. With asynchronous and assured delivery, systems will be loosely coupled and there will not be a propensity for the propagation of dependency.”
“Additionally, the key with integrated systems is teams taking ownership of the data,” Lynes continues. “Avada’s tool tackles both these challenges by making interactions and interfaces more visible to employees, and also helps to integrate teams and allow employees in those teams to work together more easily.”

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