In the realm of middleware management, (AKA: Enterprise Application Integration) there is a rather apparent disconnect between those managing technology and the business leaders they support. It has been acknowledged by those in our niche: clients, partners and IBM alike, that there are few, if any venues that present the opportunity to explore topics such as:

  • Best approach to securing an environment without choking productivity.
  • What are realistic time frames to migrate versions, move to cloud, etc.
  • When is leveraging a container helpful or hurtful.

This event intends to bridge the time-effort-value gap between technical managers and the technical staff they lead. Business leaders will gain clarity on the tactical approaches their integration teams may take and how the selected approach may be in or out of alignment with strategic goals. For Administrators, this venue will empower them to share openly the challenges they face and their experience of its impact on the business.

The first of these conferences will take place Monday, September 16th and Tuesday, September 17th in Atlanta, Georgia. The 1st day will be a full day event with sessions from IBM, and IBM service / solution partners; with evening entertainment. The 2nd day will be hosted at nearby Topgolf for a bit of fun, work-play balance.

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