Monitoring & Administering of Appliances with Infrared360:

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The IBM® MQ Appliance is designed to be ready to go out-of-the box. However, to make sure your Enterprise Messaging infrastructure performs optimally and to ensure no loss of integrity, you not only need end to end observability that includes appliances and gateway devices, but you need to be able to react quickly and easily manage these appliances. But how do you achieve that on a device designed to prevent monitoring agents and scripts and without creating hundreds or thousands of extra hours of work for your operations teams?

In this 13 minute tutorial, Pete D’Agosta, Co-founder and Chief Product Manager of Avada Software, provides his expertise on how to get the work of 12 people done with your current staffing levels and demonstrates how Infrared360® simplifies the monitoring and administration of your appliances.

Watch this short presentation and discover:

  • How you can get the visibility you need to ensure your able to meet your department’s SLAs
  • Best Practices for managing appliances and all of your enterprise messaging environment
  • A fool-proof method for providing privileged access management for your entire enterprise messaging environment.
  • How administrators can take advantage of this model
  • Key elements to look for in an appliance monitoring and management solution

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