Infrared360 Product Details

Infrared360 Product Details2020-12-17T14:08:46+00:00

Infrared360® Features & Benefits

Infrared360® is the complete solution for persona-based Administration, Monitoring, Synthetic Transactions, User Auditing & Dashboards for Your Full Infrastructure Stack

  • It’s a Portal – A singular product to manage all of your Enterprise Messaging Environments

  • Agentless Management, Monitoring/Alerting & Message Testing means you are in complete control of your systems

  • Delegated administration facilitates persona based access – User can only see and do what you allow them to!

  • Rest easy with Infrared360®. Access to target objects are secured by group and role permissions and audit trails mark every action taken

  • NO deployment of software agents or adapters to managed servers.

  • Architected to leverage web services, Infrared360® can leverage internal or external services to facilitate monitoring of assets or integration TO assets.

Technologies Monitored

  • IBM MQ™
  • Apache Kafka™
  • Tibco EMS™
  • Application Servers  (WAS, JBoss, Tomcat)
  • Web Services (REST, SOAP)
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