On June 13th, Avada presented our annual webcast with the IBM Middleware User Community.

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Managing Modern Middleware in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

The middleware layer of technology has grown dramatically and more complex even before the advent of Cloud. Originally a client server model to bridge different OSs, the stack now includes along with messaging, application servers, integration buses, transformation layers, perimeter appliances, and micro-services. Besides the daunting task of getting them to run in harmony, there is the task of keeping them all current. Now there is the capability of taking some of the management of these environments off our hands via Hybrid cloud offerings. However, how much of that can we move to a cloud; public? private? How do choose, how do we manage, how do we secure, how to we see all the moving parts, support them, and triage issues?

If you would like the slide deck from the presentation, please CONTACT US and the appropriate representative will assist you.