WebSphere Automation 1.3 update and “How to” Deep Dive

Join the WebSphere Automation team in a “How To” deep dive and an overview of WebSphere Automation 1.3+ Speakers: Mike Thompson, Lead Product Manager for WebSphere Automation and Brian Hanczaryk, Lead WebSphere System Test Check out a teaser blog : https://community.ibm.com/community/user/wasdevops/blogs/brian-hanczaryk/2022/03/23/websphere-automation-how-to-series-1-how-to-get-we?CommunityKey=5c4ba155-561a-4794-9883-bb0c6164e14e


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What is IBM WebSphere Automation software?

IBM® WebSphere® Automation software helps teams optimize operations, respond to incidents such as memory leaks more efficiently and promote stronger security of their IT estate.

Increase ROI by reducing the hours spent on health and security maintenance and reducing runtime costs without changing your existing WebSphere or Liberty application.

According to Gartner, AI will help businesses recover 6.2 billion hours of productivity in 2021. Use that extra time to focus on unlocking new value for your organization while reducing the effort and risk of addressing common vulnerabilities and automating tasks.