Trusted Spaces for Kafka

What is Trusted Spaces?

What is a Trusted Space, and why is it so important for your organization? See it in action for yourself.

Our unique Trusted Spaces™ feature lets you keep users seeing and working only in the areas they should and promotes secure collaboration across departments, teams, locations, and partners. This powerful feature set allows or limits visibility to objects such as Brokers, Topics, Producer, Consumer and other integration-type server resources according to the “permissions” or “role” of the user. Trusted Spaces enables secure, smart, self-service Kafka and IT administration to save you and your team effort and time that can be better utilized elsewhere.

Trusted Spaces allows:

  • Smart Self-Service Administration
  • Delegated Visibility for users
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Internal Security

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Infrared360® facilitates Persona-Based Visibility

Infrared360® Trusted Spaces allows organizations to define the entitlements per User or Group of Users. Groups can be location based, application based, Department based, or whatever you need. Through a process of selection (clicks), a User or Group of Users will be assigned to a select collection of Objects, and a select permission set (entitlements/roles) which grants visibility to those objects, as well as defines the set of permissible actions that a User/Group of Users can take.

This Trusted Spaces approach fosters a true proactive approach to enterprise messaging by providing secure collaborative solution capabilities when researching alerts and incidents before they become issues. This collaborative approach has helped Avada customers reduce time to resolution and decrease annual hours spent resolving trouble tickets by 90%.