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Next step, learn More: Improving Productivity Through Smart, Safe Self-Service

Thank you for Watching. Automation is only a part of saving time & effort on MQ Automation. Another useful way is through smart-safe self-service. Learn how to implement smart self-service that mitigates risks to boost your operation’s productivity and bottom line. View the session and discover:

  • The need for Smart, safe self-service in IT
  • Key Requirements for Smart self-service
  • How self-service evolved and where it is today.
  • Industry specific examples of cost savings.
  • How to avoid risk with self-service

Watch this recorded session and get expert advice on how your operation can take advantage of self-service to get quicker response and results to problems, lowered costs, and more productive teams.

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Or, to see what Infrared360 can do for your business. Click the button below to request a live demo. We’ll how our solution works on a real, live network so you can see first-hand how Infrared360 saves you time, headaches, and resources while fostering Safe, Smart Self-Service.

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One of many testimonials: “The product has a small footprint on our system. We don’t use a lot of clients. They’re very knowledgeable of MQ, which we use. It’s what we use for monitoring our MQ system, so the features that they provide are just really, really good.”

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According to leading analyst firms, certain modern architectures and processes have added to the complexity of managing distributed systems.  This has highlighted gaps in available monitoring processes and products, creating challenges for I&O professionals attempting to manage aggressive service-level objectives. read how Messaging and Middleware leaders are tackling this.

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Case Study: Parker-Hannifin

Parker-Hannifin Corp specializes in motion and control technologies serving over 49 countries. They needed persona based access to enable their technology teams in more than 500 locations as well as pro-active monitoring to ensure that transaction in their supply chain were not adversely affected. See how Infrared360 solved this specific challenge and more here.

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Case Study: Sompo Int’l

Sompo Int’l Holdings is a global specialty provider of provider of property and casualty insurances.  Growth due to M&A created the need for an enterprise integration platform. The platform team needed insight into performance of web services based traffic to ensure low latency & high integrity; a solution that would identify issues and prevent them before any customers were negatively affected.

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