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IT Central Station Reviews

“The product has a small footprint on our system. We don’t use a lot of clients. They’re very knowledgeable of MQ, which we use. It’s what we use for monitoring our MQ system, so the features that they provide are just really, really good.”

MQ Administrator , Government

“One way it’s helped the business is how you’re able to empower MQ users, without your administrators, to be able to do different types of processes in the environment. It has user group privileges that allow you to set up security roles in the system. You can allocate permissions and actions that other users can do to maintain different MQ tasks so that you don’t have to. The administrator doesn’t have to do all the work.”

Middleware Admin, Financial Services Firm

“An offsite team performs a daily infrastructure health check using Infrared360 and sends reports to the technical/management teams. This fulfills an important security requirement within our organization.”

Vice President, Financial Services Firm

“The ability for development teams to have access to their MQ queues has freed us up as administrators to do things other than chase down an application’s message for research purposes.”

IT Analyst, Financial Services Firm

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