Recently IBM has announced end of support dates for WebSphere MQ 7.5 (April 2018) and version 7 is currently out of support. We’ve realized many IBM customers are still running MQ in the version 7 family.  If this is you, Avada and OpenLogix can help you migrate to a later MQ version at a FIXED COST.

If you are still on version 7, your organization is vulnerable due to out dated security within older technology. If you haven’t migrated off of version 7 or have plans in place to move off of version 7.5…your organization is currently facing these challenges or will facing them in the near future:

-Paying up to twice the annual fees for supporting MQ

-Relying on outdated tools to manage MQ Environment.
•Many do not support v.8.
•Many require re-deployment of agents and client code.
•Many don’t support visibility and actions by business unit (self-service).

-Concerns about possible MQ security breaches.
-Confusion over MQ Appliance initiatives and functionality.
-Lack of expertise to test, deploy, configure, upgrade crucial security settings.

Take charge of your MQ environment and prevent these issues before they become a MAJOR crisis costing your organization thousands of dollars. CONTACT US to learn more and get a quote to migrate your MQ version at a FIXED COST today!!


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