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Dave Corbett is a seasoned IT professional with 45+ years in the world of technology and business related systems. With over 17 years in Manufacturing, Accounting, Order processing and Logistical systems to start his career, he then added financial systems that heavily relied on messaging to fulfill their customer’s needs for the remainder of his career. Intermixed in all of these years was a strong Data Base design and implementation base of knowledge that allowed him to easily discuss systems interactions with business personnel as well as other technical team members. With the strong background in business process understanding, Dave was able to turn that into the specialty skill of bringing together both ends of the spectrum – that space in between the user and the application – that is commonly referred to as “Middleware”. In that middle space, Dave set standards for communications between systems that are still in use today. Heavily invested in that cross platform application connectivity model, Dave became a recognized expert in the world of messaging, with a specific focus on IBM MQ. As a technical resource, Dave has over 20 years’ experience with IBM MQ, all the way from Architectural Design, through implementation and administration. Dave’s expertise within the IBM MQ space is complete across the spectrum of platforms (Windows/Linux, z/OS, AS/400 and HP-Non-Stop). Dave holds the following certifications from IBM: IBM Certified Solution Designer - WebSphere MQ V7.0 IBM Certified System Administrator - WebSphere MQ V7.0

Viewing, Supporting, and Securing an IBM MQ Environment On Z/OS

Should a Mainframe IBM MQ Administrator be GUI Oriented (or – why is it important to have third party administrative tools)? There are several tools that are used to simplify mainframe research and analysis of that complex environment.  Most of them are green screen based and require knowledge of z/OS ISPF panels and arcane command [...]

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