4 Things You Can Automate to Save Time and Effort on MQ Administration


When: January 25th, 2023 11:00 AM Eastern Time

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Many MQ Administrators aren’t aware of how they can automate most of the key performance-critical tasks that take up much of their time, without involving Dev teams to write and maintain scripts. 

Join Peter D’Agosta of Avada Software as he discusses 4 things you can automate to reduce manual errors, fast track completion of repetitive tasks, and save time and focus for high-value initiatives. You will learn why these things are important to you, how automating them saves you time and work (and improves performance) – without needing to involve other teams to write and maintain scripts:

  • Channel Restarts
  • Saving or Moving Problematic Messages 
  • Backing up QMGR’s to a central location
  • Resetting Object Attributes on Qmgrs, Queues, & Channels

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