4 Things You Can Automate to Save Time and Effort on MQ Administration

When: September 21, 2022 11:00 AM Eastern Time

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MQ Administration is becoming exceedingly complex and workloads are growing exponentially. As businesses grow and enterprise messaging scales to meet business needs, workloads can grow exponentially. 

Many MQ Administrators aren’t aware of how they can automate most of the key performance-critical tasks that take up much of their time, without involving Dev teams to write and maintain scripts. 

Join Peter D’Agosta of Avada Software as he discusses 4 things you can automate to reduce manual errors, fast track completion of repetitive tasks, and save time and focus for high-value initiatives. You will learn why these things are important to you, how automating them saves you time and work (and improves performance) – without needing to involve other teams to write and maintain scripts:

  • Channel Restarts
  • Saving or Moving Problematic Messages 
  • Backing up QMGR’s to a central location
  • Resetting Object Attributes on Qmgrs, Queues, & Channels

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