Parker Hannifin Improves Efficiencies Across Business Units with Infrared360® and Trusted Spaces™

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In less than a decade, engineering and manufacturing firm Parker Hannifin Corp, commonly referred to as Parker, celebrated tremendous growth, doubling in size from $6 billion in sales to $13 billion. Progress comes with its own set of new challenges and a growing enterprise leads to a need for integration among its various applications across the globe to ensure more efficient and customer-oriented operations,

With 500 locations, serving over 49 countries with over 57,000 employees, they faced a huge challenge with improving the speed of integrating new acquisitions into their ecosystem,

Learn how Parker:

  • Integrated new systems from rom acquisitions covering more than 500 locations in over 49countries
  • Fostered team ownership of data to support quick and effective problem resolution in production scenarios
  • Provided administrators the ability to review, identify, and collaboratively solve messaging issues
  • Needed a solution to prevent sensitive data from being viewed by or ending up in the wrong hands

See how Infrared360® was able to meet and exceed all of Parker’s challenges.

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