IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Touches on How IBM MQ Contributes to the Overall Earnings Plans for IBM

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna Touches on How IBM MQ Contributes to the Overall Earnings Plans for IBM During a June 2nd interview at the Bernstein 38th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference, Toni Sacconaghi, Bernstein's IT Hardware and Electric Vehicles Analyst, talks with Arvind Krishna, the Chairman and CEO of IBM. In the interview focused on [...]

Viewing, Supporting, and Securing an IBM MQ Environment On Z/OS

Should a Mainframe IBM MQ Administrator be GUI Oriented (or – why is it important to have third party administrative tools)? There are several tools that are used to simplify mainframe research and analysis of that complex environment.  Most of them are green screen based and require knowledge of z/OS ISPF panels and arcane command [...]

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Important News for IBM License Metric Tool and Big Fix

Important News for Big Fix and ILMT The following post provides some very important information regarding  The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) and Big Fix, provided by an Avada Software Partner, IDI. IBM has announced version 9.2 of Big Fix (the key component to the ILMT Software) is undergoing a [...]

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Secure Remote Access to Transactional Middleware Environments in The New Work-From-Home Paradigm

Secure Remote Access to Transactional Middleware Environments in The New Work-From-Home Paradigm Some of you who are reading this right now, have probably not stepped into an office in a very long time. Or even if you are in the office, maybe the cubicles don’t seem as full as they used to be. Either [...]

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Is Upstash Disrupting the Kafka Market

Serverless is the new buzzword with techies these days. There are certainly ideal business applications for it, like helping to tame costs of idle infrastructure for data-intensive applications. Upstash, a San Jose based low-latency data platform start-up is using serverless and durable storage to disrupt the Kafka market place. The Low latency, pay-as-you-go serverless database [...]

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Avada Software has received a lot of positive reaction to our recent webcast on self-service IT,  Improving Productivity Through Smart, Safe, Self-Service. Thank you to all those who attended and commented. My goal with this blog post is to expand upon the thoughts of that webcast here. One or two of the replies we received [...]

IBM MQ: Enterprise-wide Integration for Modern Distributed Environments Presentation

Next step, learn More: Five Challenges When Modernizing Your Middleware Infrastructure Thank you for Watching. Enterprises enjoying the benefits of the cloud are diving in deeper to implement a hybrid cloud environment. While hybrid cloud environments do offer a high level of control, flexibility, and security, they also deliver a new level of [...]

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Managing Middleware in Hybrid Cloud

Managing Middleware in Hybrid Cloud Presented by Peter D’Agosta, Co-Founder & Chief Product Manager, Avada Software Organizations often a choose hybrid cloud architecture over “fully-in-the-cloud” environments to keep corporate assets secure and private, get better scaling & workload, and for improved control of the environment, processes, and methodologies. But this modernization comes [...]

Integration Modernization Lessons Learned

Integration Modernization Lessons Learned Presented by Nick Glowacki, Executive IT Specialist, IBM Evangelist for IBMs Integration Portfolio There are three main areas that have been impacted heavily in the software development space recently: people/process, architecture, and the technology we choose to implement said architecture. As business objectives have changed, we’ve had to [...]


Just a quick blog to those out there who don’t recognize the significance of the picture above. Avada Software had shared this graphic back in 2014 to show the significance of the IBM MQ/IIB middleware stack. Strangely enough, it’s one of those technologies that just works. It’s not on the CIO’s list of [...]

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