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What Customers Are Saying About Avada Software & Infrared360®:

Built on a standards based J2EE platform and a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) that provides interfaces to leverage other technologies, Infrared360® for IBM MQ is  an industry favorite. Our customers realize that our products install, update, and perform faster than their previous MQ management and monitoring solutions.

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Gartner Peer Insights & IT Central Station.

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IT Central Station Number 1 ranked business to business middleware

Gartner Peer Insights Reviews

“Infrared360 provides both administration features and monitoring features. As an MQ administrator, I estimate that IR360 provides an order of magnitude reduction in the time normally required to perform MQ administration tasks using competing products. I’ve used many monitoring/administration tools, and IR360 shines in comparison. The product’s agent-less design results in simple and efficient “once only” deployment and minimal consumption of resources on MQ infrastructure servers. When IR360 fires alerts they can be delivered to multiple channels (dashboards, ticketing systems, email groups). IR360 implements the “least permission” security policy which ensures that developers, testers, and admins access only the permissions they need on a granular basis (example: developers can MQ Put in specific lower environments queue managers but only browse on certain Prod queue managers). The product is very stable and easy to use (caveat: it may take an admin a couple of weeks to become comfortable with some of the configuration dialogues). Overall, I love this product.”

IBM MQ Admin, 1B - 3B USD Finance Company

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“Support with Avadasoftware is incredible. They are responsive, personal and every part of the process is “white gloved.” I’ve even taken issues to their support not related directly to the their product that they’ve been able to help troubleshoot just because they care about their customer.”

Manager, Infrastructure Support, 1B - 3B USD Finance Company

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IT Central Station Reviews

Thank you for the presentation of your product. What impressed me most was the architecture behind the product and how this provides rich capability and flexibility. There is data standardization, abstraction, pattern based design, independence, unitized services with configurable rules, message queues, and a few very good interfaces on top of it all. Nice to see solid architecture put into practice.
Jim Pennington, Sr Solutions Architect, Major Retailer
“We’re doing very well. We kept the old product server around, fearing that we’d run into a lot of people screaming about one thing or another. However, everything has gone smoothly and we never had to go back not even just to look at a configuration. It’s just gone really well.”

Thanks for all your support.

Chris C., Systems Manager Unix Infrastructure Services, Major Insurance Company
Infrared360® has the flexibility we need. Great tool to configure and manage large environments; very robust components.
Sarfaraz Abdullah, Lead Technology Architect , Prolifics
I must say you really blew me away with the demo! Avada seems to be setting the bar for capabilities needed to manage a messaging environment of large scale environments. Great job and feel free to pass my initial observations along to others.
Jim Girouard, IS Manager EA/SOA
It takes us 80% less effort to manage our middleware environment using Infrared360®
Johannes Boehm-Maeder , Cantonal Bank of Zurich (ZKB) / ti&m AG ZKB
Infrared is still easily the best product out there.
Derek Hornby, Former CTO , AppWatch
I *love* Infrared360®.
TRob Wyatt, IoPT Consulting & Security Guru, Formerly with IBM
Since converting to Infrared360®, we have been impressed with the flexibility of the architecture and the performance we have experienced. Infrared360® is faster and easier to use than our previous MQ monitoring software.
Hagemeyer NA
I must say the most attractive part of Infrared360® would be its ease of setup and use.
Major North American Bank
Avada Software listens to its customers; it doesn’t just hear what we say.
Major Health Service Provider
The more I understand the product the more I appreciate its design and architecture.
Services Provider
The main argument for the selection of Infrared360® was that you don’t need agents on the monitored servers.
Large Retailer
We can now monitor queue managers in areas, locations, and practices, that we never had access to before … on any platform!
Major Pharmaceutical
The pricing of the product is very good compared to similar tools.
SouthWest Air
Avada Software support is very professional and any fixes were delivered very fast.
Large European Distributor
Very good support.
Major Investment Bank

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