Thank You For Reading “Parker Hannifin Unifies Disparate Teams with Data Sharing and Monitoring”.

Thank You For Reading “Parker Hannifin Unifies Disparate Teams with Data Sharing and Monitoring”.2020-05-12T16:57:01+00:00

Infrared360® is a complete solution for Administration, Monitoring, Testing, Auditing, and Statistical Reporting for your enterprise middleware environment.

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Thank you for reading ” Parker Hannifin Unifies Disparate Teams with Data Sharing and Monitoring”

Parker-Hannifin Corporation is an American corporation specializing in motion and control technologies with more than 500 locations serving over 49 countries.

•The quick and simple integration of new systems from acquisitions covering more than 500 locations in over 49 countries
•Fostering of team ownership of data to support quick and effective problem resolution in production scenarios
•While simultaneously providing administrators the ability to review, identify, and collaboratively solve messaging issues
•The solution needed to prevent sensitive data from being viewed by or ending up in the wrong hands

•Infrared360’s browser-based, agentless monitoring capabilities allowed quick and painless onboarding and integration across the all systems while making interactions and interfaces more visible to employees fostering ownership of data
•The agentless web management portal for performance monitoring, testing, auditing, reporting and administration allowed Parker’s infrastructure teams to collaborate in problem solving without compromising security in any way to leverage, not segregate, staff.
•Avada’s single, secure interface provides Parker the ability to isolate sensitive data to permission-granted teams while collaboratively solving solutions.

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