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Q-Guard: Powered by Infrared360®

Get Started with Our cloud-based IBM MQ monitoring with Q-Guard from Avada Software

Proactive MQ Monitoring

Receive Alerts immediately to any impending problems in your monitored IBM MQ environment – as well as Web Services (REST/SOAP). Proactive monitoring from Q-Guard means you will receive alerts before you need to take action!

On top of monitoring, we also offer statistical analysis, reporting & audit trail tracking

Cloud Based Data Warehouse

Our Cloud Centers are Proven & Certified Tier 3 N + 1

With 99.982% uptime or better and a backup in case of outages, Q-Guard will always be up and running to monitor MQ for you

Our Data Centers are US Based and have support running 24/7.

Minimal Investment To Start Out

All you need to do to get started and pay a low monthly fixed fee to run Q-Guard. There are no startup costs or capital investments necessary.

Stop paying a consultant thousands of dollars to look at your MQ environment when Q-Guard can monitor it 24/7 for you at only a fraction of the cost.

To schedule time to discuss how Q-Guard can help you save time and resources, fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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