Introducing Infrared360 Version 6.0!

Introducing Infrared360 Version 6.0!2020-12-11T14:40:25+00:00

Avada Software announces the all new version 6.0! This version was built upon customer technical feedback and new business requirements for managing middleware environments such as IBM-MQ, IBM-IIB/ACE, Kafka, & application servers such as WebSphere, JBoss, and Apache-Tomcat.

The Alloy release leverages some really new technology and has been in development for the past 2 years.

As a customer focused company, 80% of Alloy’s new features and enhancements are based upon customer feedback…

But with Avada’s unique innovations to take it to the next level.

User Interface (UI): The same great administration, monitoring, and persona based access, now supports Kafka! in addition to IBM-MQ, IBM-IIB/ACE, IBM Datapower, Tibco-EMS, and application servers such as WebSphere, JBoss, and Apache-Tomcat

  • New drag and drop dashboard creation
  • Dynamic MQ environment flow diagram is LIVE & interactive with alerts & objects.
  • MQ Certificate Management Automation, expiry alerts, & history reports.
  • New dynamic charting technology for the pro-active dashboards
  • As always – no need to deploy anything to the managed endpoints.
  • Small footprint installation (1 file) can be done in less than 30 minutes.

If this is you, WE can help!

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