Product Details Infrared360®

Product Details Infrared360®2018-05-28T21:08:35+00:00

Infrared360® is a complete solution for Administration, Monitoring, Load Testing, Auditing, Statistical Reporting and Self-Service for Enterprise middleware environments.

It is the ONLY Enterprise Messaging Solution with a built in SOA engine that lets you leverage internal and external services to manage and correct problems within your transaction environment.

The Infrared360® Advantages and Features:

  • It’s a Portal – One product for all your Enterprise Messaging needs and all your Enterprise Messaging Environments.
  • Agentless Management, Monitoring/Alerting, and Message Testing for WebSphere MQ (WMQ), IBM IIB (Broker), TIBCO EMS, Application Servers (WAS, JBoss, Apache), URLs, Web Services, Database, Files.
  • Delegate administration to End Users for their own virtual sandbox, or applications, or departmental environments – they can only see and do what you allow them to!
  • Rest easy with Infrared360®. Access to target objects are secured by group and role permissions and audit trails mark every action taken.
  • NO deployment of software agents or adapters to target servers.
  • Architected using IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Infrared360® can leverage internal or external services.

Infrared360® is 100%

  • J2EE Compliant
  • IBM Ready for Linux
  • IBM Ready for SOA
  • IBM Ready for WebSphere

Smart self-service solution that gives real control to your users! Infrared360® scales to thousands of managed middleware endpoints with a standard app server deployment!

Infrared360® Innovations:

  • Infrared360® facilitates instant, yet secure access to environments that need to be managed and monitored NOW!
  • Infrared360® facilitates pro-active, not reactive – real-time analysis for collaborative teams.
  • Infrared360® facilitates automated, rule-based analysis of problem conditions.
  • Infrared360® facilitates automated corrective actions to problem conditions.
  • Infrared360® provides post action reporting and auditing trails.
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