Enterprise Middleware Executive Lunch Seminar

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Enterprise Middleware Executive Lunch Seminar

Who should attend… Information Technology Leadership

Please join us on January 19th for a delightful lunch, beautiful venue, and three important discussions regarding enterprise transactions in today’s world! Reserve your seat today – space is limited!

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Gain insights essential to avoiding fault, failure, security breach and undue expense.

  • When securing corporate data is critical…
  • When operating expenses are out of control and resources limited…
  • When you’re hit with unexpected and urgent compliance projects…

Join us and your peers at this exclusive luncheon to hear hot topics from our panel of experts.


January 19th, 2017 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm EST. RSVP by January 12th!

Hyatt Regency  –  2 Exchange Place North  –  Jersey City on the Hudson


Mini – Outsourcing your IIB and MQ Monitoring & Support


Learn how you can mitigate risk and reduce cost by outsourcing some or all of your IIB and MQ monitoring and support.



Founder – President

Bill Karounos

Leveraging managed services as micro services


Learn how delegating subset business processes to third party SWAT team improves productivity, allows key resources to focus on critical tasks, and reduces operating expense.

Avada Software

Co-Founder – COO

Peter D’Agosta

Keeping pace with the evolving IBM MQ audit threat


Learn strategies companies can use to transition from static MQ-security-as-a-purchase model to the MQ-security-as-a-process model to maximize effective security while minimizing nasty audit surprises.

IoPT Consulting

Security Guru – CEO

T.Rob Wyatt